Peggy Lundquist, certified yoga instructor


My name is Peggy Lundquist and I publish Gen X Mindfulness for 40-somethings who are trying to get more zen wherever they can find it!

​Right around 40, I decided that I no longer wanted to have a life where it felt like I lived in a pressure cooker. That was when I started searching for something, anything to bring more calmness and meaning into my life.

Now I consider myself a student of the Universe (and yes, my husband would totally make fun of that).

Meditation, yoga, balancing chakras, intentional living, I want to learn about it ALL!

I am not to enlightenment yet (like when I realize I am yelling at my teenagers DURING my yoga practice), but even with all of this imperfection, I am still trying and I’m still learning.

Gen X Mindfulness will document what I learn on my path to greater enlightenment after 40 in hopes that, if you struggle like me, I can light up the path for you, too.

We can try to find mindfulness and purpose in the middle of our lives together to make our lives more meaningful, and to shine more love into the Universe so we can literally make the world a better place every day.

Look around & email me if you’re feeling it.

I’m so glad you’re here. 🙂

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