Calming Words: 45 Guided Meditations To Chill NOW

Meditation can be hard.

I have a brain that never wants to sit stillever.

Guided meditation works really well for me because all I have to do is sit and listen to the calming words.

What is guided meditation?…

What is lovely about guided meditation is that, basically, you just have to follow directions.

I love guided meditation for that reason, if you can follow instructions, you can benefit!

It is also so versatile and the internet has made the guidance of yogis, gurus, wise people, and even everyday folks accessible to everyone to better themselves or find healing.

Guided meditation is simply practicing mindfulness by listening to the calming words of another human being, or even yourself, in-person or recorded.

The practitioner will often cue you on how you should be breathing, offer affirmations, and could even take you on some kind of mental journey, and music may or may not be part of this experience.

Until I began typing this, I never really thought about how much of a caring act it is to offer another person calming words to bring them peace when they need it.

It really is like broadcasting love!

Ok, reel me in.

Let’s get to the science.

Woman meditating to calming words meditation.

What are the benefits of calming words meditation?…

It’s relaxing, for sure, but it is much for powerful than that.

Stress reduction…

In the Mohan and Sharma study, “Effect of Meditation on Stress-Induced Changes in Cognitive Functions,” participants played a stress-inducing video game but asked to practice guided meditation either before or after, with the test group not meditating at all.

Those who meditated retained the mental benefits that come with mental stress, such as enhanced memory, but showed a significant decrease in stress markers for the negative effects of anxiety, including lowered cortisol levels.

Stressful video games, sure, but does guided meditation help in REAL situations?

Yes to that, too.

We all know that nurses are amazing and I can think of no greater stress than holding someone’s life and future in your hands (yet they do it with incredible skill, grace, and kindness)!

This study involving hospital nurses concluded that practicing guided mediation 4 times a week drastically lowered their markers for stress.

The benefits of calming words meditation doesn’t end there.

Woman sitting on the side of a mountain doing calming words meditation.

Pain suppression…

When beginning this research, I expected to find data that suggested calming words could relax you, even reduce stress levels, but the connection between guided meditation and pain relief FLOORED me.

A Tonelli and Wackholtz study of the effects of guided meditation on those suffering from migraines, they found “a 33% decrease in pain and a 43% decrease in emotional tension.”

Research published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology tested the effects of calming words meditation on patients having breast biopsies.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been there and it is uncomfortable at best!

The study concluded that “Listening to guided meditation significantly lowered biopsy pain during imaging-guided breast biopsy; meditation and music reduced patient anxiety and fatigue.”

Convinced that you need some calming words in your life?

I’ve got you covered in the next section!

calming words meditation infographic

*Learn how to use guided meditations for better sleep here!

Get me the goods…

Guided meditation can be take on many forms and come in myriad of formats.

Whatever you’re feelin’, you can find a guided meditation for, AND, it would be perfect for a morning meditation ritual.

If you are anything like me, I need to know what kind of time commitment I am in for before I begin anything, so I have broken the meditations down by length.

You’ve got the time, I’ve got the meditation for you, lady!

You will find that list in the next swipe, but before you get there I would like for you to download my FREE self-love guided meditation, and I want you to do this for a few reasons.

  1. It’s free. (duh)
  2. This is a guided meditation mad lib, just like the ones you did as a kid! You answer questions, then fill in the blanks, sooo it’s fun!
  3. Because you are answering these questions about YOURSELF, it is a POWERFUL, personalized meditation experience!
  4. It’s free.

Download the meditation mad lib below, follow the directions included, and start on your path toward relaxation AND serious self-love!

Below are recorded meditations.

I included several so that you can have variety, and because with guided meditation sometimes it takes trying a few before you find one where the voice of the guide speaks to you (and doesn’t annoy you).

Who knows what determines if a voice resonates with us or not, but I am sure you can find several that gel with you from the list below!

If you find a meditation you love, check out their channel from the links I provided as they often have many other guided meditations to choose from!

And be sure to check out our guide to another super EASY and beneficial form of meditation for beginners: How to Experience an Ancient Sound Bath Online.

Woman meditating on a park bench at sunset doing calming words meditation.

10-Minutes of calming words…

From Great Meditation: “This 10 minute guided meditation is designed for those interested in personal development and self help. Envision yourself becoming the person you desire to become. Allow the meditation bring you into a calm safe place creating a road map for your future development. Enjoy!”

From Boho Beautiful: “Listen to this guided meditation every morning and set your day and mind up with the perfect kick start.”

From Great Meditation: “A 10 Minute Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation leaving you feeling full of positive Energy. Enjoy!”

From The Honest Guys: “Mindfulness has been shown to be very beneficial. In this guided mindfulness meditation you can learn to be completely present in the moment, letting go of your thoughts and achieving calmness.”

From Goodful: “Take a moment and let this guided meditation relieve your anxiety.”

From Calm: “Tamara Levitt guides this 10 minute Daily Calm mindfulness meditation to powerfully restore and re-connect with the present.”

From The Mindful Movement: “Get focused and clear headed before an important event or daunting task with this short meditation with affirmations.”

From Goop: “It’s easy to vow not to look at notifications on your phone first thing in the morning. But in reality—especially when your phone is your alarm—it’s what’s there, pulling you out of peaceful slumber and racing toward the realities of your day.”

From My Piece of Mindfulness: “Enjoy this powerful 10 minute guided meditation for sleep & deep relaxation. This short bedtime meditation is designed to help you fall asleep fast.”

From davidji meditation: “7 Minutes to Bliss Guided Meditation”

From Indigo International: “Your chakras are the energetic centers of health in your body. This short Chakra Healing Daily Meditation is from the album Chakra Healing: Guided Meditation and Creative Visualization. Written & narrated by Aimee Rebekah Shea. Produced by Indigo International.”

From Diane Yeo: “This guided meditation will allow you to relax, let go of stress and move beyond thought as you gently bring your awareness to the breath.”

15-Minute Meditations

From The Mindful Movement: “Today’s 15-minute guided meditation will relax you and balance your energy. This practice is a great way to start your day. It can also be used to relieve stress or negative energy. You will be guided to notice your present moment experience and move energy throughout your body to refill where you are depleted and release where you have excess. This is grounding and calming.”

From Boho Beautiful: “Through the simple act of reconnecting with your inner self, this easy guided meditation is perfect for anyone that is needing some positivity and calm during these uncertain times.”

From Great Meditation: “Relax your body and mind with this 15 min Guided Meditation.”

From Kireiki Healing: “A guided meditation that will help you attract abundance, and achieve balance and freedom in all aspects of your life.”

From Goodful: “Close your eyes and release all the negative thoughts that you have been holding on to. It’s time from some self-love.”

From City of Hope: “Guided imagery meditation exercises help reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue, restlessness, difficulty sleeping and physical discomfort.”

From Living Better: “This 15-minute meditation practice works with your awareness and attention to enhance your ability to reach a meditative state of consciousness.”

From Declutter the Mind: “In this 15 min guided meditation, you’ll use mindfulness and the focus on the breath to help increase your concentration and clarity for work, school, and general productivity. In 15 minutes, practice your attention to help clear the mind of distraction and gain laser-like focus.”

From The Mindfulness Edge: “This is a 15 minute mindfulness meditation for relaxation, reducing anxiety, and cultivating peace of mind and insight.”

From Maryamhasnaa: “Cord Cutting and Forgiveness guided meditation by HASNAA”

From Mindfulness Works: “Body Scan – Week 1 Guided Meditation (15 mins)– Lucy Schwabe”

From Angel Lucia Yoga: “A 15 minute guided progressive relaxation. Get comfortable and melt away your tensions!”

30-Minute Calming Words Meditation

From Kenneth Soares: “You are a spiritual being in a physical body. On the journey of life we often become disconnected from our core Essence – our Soul Energy. This guided meditation is a deep journey of self-love, deep healing, and awakening to a higher perspective of life, supporting you in reconnecting and re-aligning with your Soul.”

From Moojiji: “This powerful and intimate guided silent sitting was recorded for us while Moojibaba is in self-quarantine, inviting us all to sit with him in the room of Being.”

From Rising Higher Meditation: “528Hz. This is a deeply HEALING MEDITATION to help you to experience profound love and acceptance for yourself. A LIFE CHANGER!”

From Living Better: “A 32-minute in-depth, preferably seated, practice that includes: body scanning, diaphragmatic breathing, anchoring, and other techniques to help the listener attain deep focus and profound relaxation.”

From Ethereal Meditations: “Meditation To Calm the Mind – 30 Minute Guided Meditation”

From Satori Sounds: “Meditation has been scientifically proven to help reduce stress and make you happier. This 30 minutes guided meditation will help you relax, and still your mind.””

From Everything is Everything: “Audio taken from Sam Harris’s 25 minute guided meditation, with reverb and atmospheric music added.”

From Michael Sealy: “Welcome to this guided meditation, which is a full body scan to promote positive mind & body healing. This session is a mindfulness based meditation, and also a form of light trance or focused hypnosis. Regular meditation such as mindfulness has been scientifically proven to enhance relaxation, overall health and wellbeing. Mindfulness is recommended by well known meditation teachers such as Jon Kabat-Zinn.”

From Northeastern Spiritual Life: “Mindfulness meditation is the practice of bringing gentle, accepting attention to present moment thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. While the immediate goal is not to change or improve what’s happening, the practice of bringing friendly awareness to our internal experience can decrease stress and improve coping with challenges.”

From davidji meditation: “Setting the Trajectory of My Day Guided Meditation”

From SelfLoveInnerBeauty: “Having a tough time following your true inner voice? Mental Chatter just won’t stop? Relax and take some time and listen to this track as it get you back on the right track of positive thinking.”

From chrisgagne: “Metta is a Pali word that means “loving kindness.” A metta meditation is a practice of directing loving kindness towards others and oneself. Here is a free, 30-minute guided metta meditation that I’ve recorded so that I can share it with you. This is based almost verbatim on the metta practice described in The Mind Illuminated. I have recorded this with Culadasa’s permission so that I may offer it freely to everyone.”

1-Hour Guided Meditation

From Michael Sealey: “This guided meditation is a healing and therapeutic meditation for positive detachment from social media.”

From Jason Stephenson – Sleep Meditation Music: “The perfect before sleep meditation. A beginner’s spoken guided meditation for chakra alignment. Guided sleep meditation for better sleep. For a comforting sleep, download your FREE guided sleep meditation!”

From The Honest Guys – Meditations – Relaxation: “Relax and enjoy a deep healing session in a mysterious mountain temple. This is a 1 hour long guided meditation, perfect for going to sleep to, or for those who just enjoy a longer relaxation time.”

From Caroline McCready Meditation: “This is an extended guided meditation, helping you to deeply relax by using the breath and connecting with the natural world.”

From Mindvalley: “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.”

From Luke Sellars: “The Higher Self is your full potential. Everything that you are and everything that you are capable of being. Its purpose is to bring enlightenment and insight and also aides in the function of operating at a higher vibration. This heart meditation will connect with you Mother Earth and Father Sky and help you connect you with your higher self.”

From DubFanatic702: “This is the key to happiness! An in depth guided meditation taught by Harijiwan Singh. Harijiwan Singh studied with Yogi Bhajan from age 18 until the last days of Yogi Bhajan. Enjoy this trip as you are guided through your main chakras and renew yourself with divine energy.”

From Massage ASMR: “My audio files take you on a little journey of relaxation, our end goal is for you to feel good and drift of to sleep. Almost like a massage to your brain or body.”

From Jay Chodagam: “On popular demand, I have created an hour long guided meditation mix which I have played at some of the weekly meetups I’ve hosted for the past 10 years in San Francisco. Enjoy and share your comments.”

Take It Further…

If you are sold on the benefits of a solid meditation practice and ready to stop messing around with YouTube videos, it’s time to move on to a program that TEACHES you to meditate-a skill you can rely on for the rest of your life.

You can look for a studio in your area to get in-person instruction, or you can get started now with an online course from

The 14-Day Meditation Program from brings together the teaching of 9 world-class meditation instructors in one course, available to you instantly.

Learn the basics of a quality mediation practice, move into more advanced techniques, and learn how to weave meditation into your every day for consistent practice and life-changing benefits.

Click here to begin on your path now.

In conclusion…

We have covered what calming words, guided meditation is, the science-backed benefits including stress relief and pain suppression, and found a treasure trove of online guided meditations to drive us straight to bliss-town.

If you haven’t already downloaded your free and personalized self-love meditation mad lib, get access below. ↓

Happy meditating and take care!



Tonelli, M. E., & Wachholtz, A. B. (2014). Meditation-based treatment yielding immediate relief for meditation-naïve migraineurs. Pain management nursing : official journal of the American Society of Pain Management Nurses15(1), 36–40.

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