How to be Irresistible According to Deepak Chopra

Who would I trust more than Deepak Chopra to teach me how to be irresistible and magnetic?!?!”

He recently shared his wisdom and thoughts about what makes people charismatic and able to naturally draw people to them.

In this article you will learn what traits Chopra feels makes a person irresistible, and action steps you can take to draw more people into your life in a healthy way.

Bring us the wisdom, Deepak…

If you search up “how to be irresistible” on the internet, more than likely you are going to get tips on how to turn you into a vixen to attract a romantic partner.

Some of that type of advice I actually find pretty refreshing, like the suggestions of this guy, Adam LoDolce from Sexy Confidence:

To me, this seems to be excellent advice.

But, what if you aren’t on the prowl and looking for ways to make you a more vibrant and irresistible person in general?

In this installment of Ask Deepak from The Chopra Well, Deepak Chopra shows you how to be irresistible using 3 “ingredients,” as he calls them.

I will dissect these traits for you AND offer you 6 action steps to help you become a people magnet.

Here we go.

Let’s break it down…


Mr. Chopra explains that the act of being “in the moment” is paramount to pulling people to you.

This includes focusing your mind on who you are speaking and interacting with, the environment you are in, and your own thoughts and emotions.

He goes on to explain that your body should exude this awareness.

So how, exactly, do we exude awareness?…

I have a few action steps for you that will upgrade your ability to live in the moment.

Start simple…

The easy answer to this is to begin by ACTUALLY paying attention to who you are sharing time with.

Simple idea yes, but implementing it might not be as easy!

How many times do you zone out during a conversation, thinking about what you have to do when you get home or drifting to a worrying thought of your morning meeting?

Obviously, you should be focusing on what the person is saying, but next time you are interacting with someone, challenge yourself to also focus on keeping your eyes only ON THEM.

Don’t look behind them or beside them, concentrate on how they are speaking and what they look like when they are saying it.

If this is something you don’t do often, you will be surprised about how much more you learn about the person and how much better you understand when you are zoned in and able to pick up the nuance of subtle expression changes.

This doesn’t only apply to friends, family, and coworkers, however.

Truly magnetic people show the same respect to everyone they interact with from their Uber driver to the cashier at the gas station.

And people are drawn to them because of it.

Add in mindfulness and make your brain sit…

If you have read any of my other posts, of course I am going to tell you to meditate.

One meditation that would work incredibly well for not spacing out when you’re talking to Linda at the water cooler is one that tames what calls your “Puppy Mind.”

The article explains how beginning meditators can train their brain in a similar way that we train a new puppy.

When most folks begin to train their adorbs new puppy they would never dream of being too harsh.

It is a puppy, people! Look at those eyes!!!

Rather, they ask it to sit, and after it inevitably prances away while wiggling its cute little butt, the owner calmly walks it back to where it is supposed to be and helps it too, once again, sit.

This idea can be transferred to a new meditation practice.

  • Sit comfortably somewhere quiet.
  • Set a timer for whatever length of time you would like using a timer that won’t give you heart palpitations when it goes off (this free one is wonderful).
  • Close your eyes and choose something on which to focus (your breath is an obvious one, or a sound, the feel of your body on the chair, whatever trips your trigger).
  • Every time you realize that your mind has roamed off to think about anything or everything else (and it will), kindly walk it back and ask it to focus.
  • Continue this mind training until your, hopefully, tranquil sounding, timer goes off.
  • Make sure to give your mind grace, like you would a fluffy, tiny golden retriever.

In time, this will help you to be able to stay in the moment with the person in front of you no matter who it is and you will be on the road to magnetic city.

So far we have focused on putting more value on those we are interacting with, but our next lesson from Mr. Chopra on how to be irresistible challenges you to look inward.


Being secure in yourself is the second trait Chopra suggests makes people charming.

An empowered, balanced spirit is not shaken or swayed by what others may think of them.

Chopra believes being secure in yourself draws people in.

Confidence rules.

How to become irresistible infographic

How to become fierce…

Women, in particular, can struggle to find true self-love.

Fortunately, this piece of the how to become irresistible puzzle can be learned!

Speak the language of love…to yourself…

In this article about finding happiness, I wrote about a study where the research suggested repeating nice things to yourself with repetition could make your mind believe it.

You can actually retrain your brain by telling yourself you are savage.

One easy way to do this is with affirmations or mantras, which are seriously just compliments you are giving yourself.

  • I am powerful.
  • I am kind.
  • I am smart.

Whatever you need to hear will work.

Say them to yourself in the mirror when you are getting ready in the morning or in the car on the way to the grocery store.

Say it, then believe it.

Let your mind guide you to self-love…

You aren’t going to get out of this one without meditation, either.

To begin to stockpile that sweet, sweet self-love, you can begin a practice of meditation where you send love to YOURSELF.

It works via the same mechanism as affirmations where repeating kind thoughts to yourself becomes your brain’s new reality, it is just done through a guided meditation.

Exactly what we need.

Because I want you to ooze goddess vibes, I have created a FREE self-love meditation Mad Lib JUST FOR YOU.

It simultaneously lets you reminisce about your childhood AND gets you some zen-like confidence as this meditation speaks directly TO YOU ABOUT YOU!

That’s powerful.

Download here. ↓

Mr. Chopra’s final suggestion for how to be irresistible urges you to take this oozing inner love and radiate that stuff out of every pore.

Share your love with the universe…

Deepak Chopra describes “divine emotions” as being “loving-kindness, joy, compassion, and equanimity.”

I am not ashamed to admit that I had to look up that last one and it means to be calm.

In one of my new favorite quotes of all time, Chopra explained that you should “exude the warmth of divine emotions that connect you to the ecosystem, the web of relationships of which you are an expression.”

“exude the warmth of divine emotions that connect you to the ecosystem, the web of relationships of which you are an expression.”

Deepak Chopra


That still hasn’t sunk in fully, but I already know that I want to DO that.

Become joyful…

Just as there are steps you can take to learn how to be irresistible, there are exercises and practices you can do to learn how to be happy.

I just published an entire ultimate guide on how to find happiness and it comes with a free workbook to accompany it.

Work through that post and start oozing joy!

You know what’s coming next. Yes, it’s meditation…

In an ultra-predictable move, I am going to point you in the direction of metta meditation.

Metta just. Feels. Good.

In English, it is often referred to as loving-kindness meditation and its specific aim is to send out your good energy vibes to one and all.

For your listening pleasure, I have included this love-vibe-radiating guided metta meditation from Davidji Meditation.

Seriously, check this guy out – he seems like a guy you need to know.

I bet HE’S pretty magnetic!

How to be irresistible pin

In conclusion…

If there is anyone who knows how to be irresistible and charismatic, it’s Deepak Chopra.

The three cornerstones he gave us to achieve that are to be present, possess a high self-esteem, and to exude divine emotions.

Luckily, there are actions steps we can take to realize all three of those traits within us and become someone others can look to for both friendship and guidance.

Take care!


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