17 Restorative Yoga YouTube Practices to Revive You

Want to gain more by doing less?

That is what this specific type of yoga practice can offer.

I have you covered by explaining what this is, what you need, and where to find the best restorative yoga on YouTube so you can get started asap!

What is restorative yoga?…

What is this restorative yoga you speak of, and will I like it?

Ummm…does the thought of morphing into an uber relaxed state where your middle-aged body no longer feels like it is 135 years old sound good to you??

Then, yes.

Restorative yoga is like the comfort food of yoga.

It is the chicken noodle soup [or insert your food of choice]: restorative yoga feeds your body and your mind and it does it in a way that leaves a little afterglow of well-being.

There are a few characteristics of this practice that give it this magic.

Woman doing forward fold pose in restorative yoga youtube.

Slow and steady…

Rather than flowing quickly through a sequence, in restorative yoga you hold each pose longer, 5 minutes or more, to be able to deeply relax into the stretch.

This is the polar opposite of yoga that focuses on fitness where you are building up heat and getting some pump in those muscles.

Instead, you work into a pose and hang out there in stillness until the all-clear to move on to the next.

For those of you new to yoga this is perfect because fewer poses thrown at you in one flow means less fumbling and confusion while you are still getting the hang of it!

*If you want to explore another type of gentle yoga practice, read our extensive guide on seated yoga poses here.

Give it the props…

Props you will need for restorative yoga youtube.

Albeit relaxing, holding the same pose for an extended period of time can be ROUGH.

That is where the magic of the props comes in.

Restorative yoga and props go together like peas and carrots.

Straps, blocks, bolsters and blankets are laid on, leaned on, sat on, or held.

It is so important for joint and muscle health to maintain the correct alignment of each pose.

The props are used to take over for some of the work of the stabilizing muscles so that you can focus on the heart of restorative yoga: the STRETCH.

In other words, in seated forward bend, you can plop your body weight on some pillows or bolsters on top of your legs instead of having to crunch your abs for a solid 5 minutes.

Thank you, restorative yoga. Thank you sooo much.

One surprising prop you will need is a blanket!

In other types of yoga, you may sweat through your lululemons, but restorative yoga doesn’t build up as much heat and to get fully relaxed you can’t be shivering, so cover up!

But wait…I don’t have yoga props just lying around!

Not to fear, my friends, I have you covered!

The good people at Wanderlust.com have written a guide to diy yoga props you use from common things you probably have in your home right now.

Woman doing child's pose during restorative yoga youtube.

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It works your mind…

Because you are holding the poses for a longer time, this comes with longer periods of stillness, which isn’t easy for everyone’s minds.

Like mine.

My mind feels like it’s 100 places at once and I can usually only sit still for around…0 minutes.

Restorative yoga can benefit me, and others with ornery minds, by encouraging us to focus on our breath, and learn to find and exist in that calm spot in our heads, and just be.

Through the research I did for this post I stumbled across multiple accounts of folks who claim to have found relief from mental illness such as depression through practicing restorative yoga, specifically.

We need this, right?? So let’s get to it…

restorative yoga youtube infographic

Another great yoga style for beginners is Anusara yoga. Read about this yoga style in our guide here!

Restorative yoga on YouTube

Because you may not live near a yoga studio, especially one that offers restorative yoga, I have found for you some of the best flows YouTube can offer.

For Beginners

Desk job aches and pains

Pure Relaxation

Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back

Reduce Inflammation

Sciatica Relief

10-Minute Quickie Practice

Tension Release

Deep Renewal

When You Feel Exhausted

Legs, Feet, and Hips

For Better Sleep

Stress Relief

Hip Openning

Menstrual Cramp Relief

Ease Depression

Find More Gratitude

Take It Further…

Fallen in love with restorative yoga?

Obviously, one could locate a live class, but if that’s not possible, one way to take this love further at home is through premium online classes.

Wanderlust offers a set of beautiful restorative yoga classes called “License to Chill” with Jennifer Elliot.

License to Chill class offered by Jennifer Elliot through Wanderlust.

Another way to enhance your at-home restorative yoga YouTube experience is to get real yoga props.

I have my eye on this gorgeous bolster that would look great on my couch when I wasn’t forward bending on it!

In Conclusion…

You have earned what restorative yoga is, what kinds of props are needed to best practice it, and were pointed to some drool-inducing, relaxing restorative yoga YouTube videos.

I hope restorative yoga can help bring more comfort and peace to your life!

Take care!


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