Yoga Download Review: Stretch & Strength at Home

We have no yoga studios in our city.


If you are in the same boat, or if you have scheduling conflicts with your local studios, OR if you just prefer downward dogging in the comfort of your own home, you will be happy to know that there is still a studio home for you.

If you have an internet connection (which I’m assuming you do since you are reading this) it is time you checked out Yoga Download.

*Advertising and Affiliate Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Yoga Download and some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

What is Yoga Download?…

Yoga Download homepage
Yoga Download homepage

Imagine one of those fancy and chic multi-room yoga studios where each room has some different style of yoga happening and it feels like any type of yoga you want to try is somewhere on the schedule.

Yes, it is like that, but online.

On their homepage the site advertises having over 1,600 yoga classes available.

There is an app available and I downloaded it to my iPhone to see if it was easy to use.

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that with the app you get a free 5-day trial where you can access and get a taste for all classes and programs offered.

BUT, then I realized that if you sign up for a free account you get 15 more free days of access.

That is 20 full days of unbridled yoga exploration! Sweeeet.

When you first open the app you are asked if you are a beginner or advanced yogi and what follows are what you see in the screenshots below:

Yoga Download app beginner screen
Yoga Download app beginner page

I selected beginner to see what direction it would take me and I was brought to a page that offered a list of all of the benefits of yoga, and an incredibly helpful audio explanation of each of the different types of practices offered along with some suggested classes for those just getting started.

Yoga Download app beginner screen, bottom
Bottom portion of Yoga Download app beginner page

The home page in the app lets you choose either a length of time you want to spend on a practice, popular or new classes and a link to access programs, which are a bundle of related classes that build on each other or work to reach one goal.

Yoga Download class page
Yoga Download app homepage

I was pleasantly surprised by the ease in user-experience in the app.

There is always a little frustration when I use an app and the experience is a very watered-down version of the desktop version.

I found the app to include everything available on the desktop version, easy to search, and intuitive to navigate.

After using it, I realized that I actually prefer the app to the desktop site.

When you go to the Classes page you can search and then filter results by all kinds of variables from length to intensity to find the right class for you RIGHT NOW.

Yoga Download app class search filters
Yoga Download app classes filter

Once you select a filter, you are met with a substantial list of different classes available.

As advertised on their homepage, there seems to be a huge number of different practices available.

As a real time saver, they have included how much time each class is next to each search result as well as how much you’re going to have to work during this thing, and how other people have rated the class.

Yoga Download app class search results
Yoga Download app class search results

All of the classes, programs, and filters to select your perfect class are also available on the desktop version, which is nice because that offers you a larger screen.

If you want to go BIG there is also an option to connect your Roku to the Yoga Download channel and utilize your tv and sound system!

What techniques does Yoga Download teach?…

It appears that what we have here is a virtual smorgasbord of yoga styles and ways to practice.

What I have found to be helpful is each category has a few paragraphs explaining what that style is like and possibly some history behind it, as well.

So Many Classes…

There honestly are SO many types, but here is a short list:

  • Anusara
  • Ashtanga
  • Bhakti
  • Forrest
  • Hatha
  • Jivamukti
  • Kundalini
  • Prenatal and Postnatal
  • Restorative
  • Yin

I probably listed only about half of the types offered.

In addition, there is an entire section focused on meditation and another on pilates.

Another helpful feature is that rather than searching by style, you can seek out yoga or meditation based on a specific objective, like yoga for detox, or body part, like your buns!

Yoga Download class objectives
Yoga Download class objectives and focus

Want to practice at home but still feel as though you have a real, live teacher?

Live-streamed classes are offered multiple times per week where you can get that real-time yoga class feeling, and these are free of charge!

While it’s fun to pick and choose one class here and there, I feel the real value comes with the programs that Yoga Download has put together.

Programs are where it’s at…

What is nearly impossible to get from yoga YouTube videos is a consistency of practice from one to the next, there is very little flow.

What Yoga Download has done is curated classes together to create for you a yoga PRACTICE tailored around your goal or lifestyle.

Browsing the program offerings was where my yoga-loving heart started skipping beats-there are SO many that I want to take.

Even choosing a few was to highlight was a difficult task for me, but here is a diverse sampling of what they have to offer:

There are challenges, like the 14-Day Yoga Challenge for Busy People.

Fitness and strength centered programs like the 5-Day Pilates Yoga Fusion Intensive.

There are programs to detox your system like the Yoga for Fasting Program.

Experience serious relaxation with the Yin Yoga Program.

Yoga Download-Yin Yoga banner
Yin Yoga

There are several programs that aim to leave you inspired that I find fascinating, like Astrology + Yoga.

Yoga Download-Yoga and Astrology program
Yoga & Astrology

Yoga at home could result in poor form without the aid of a teacher, but luckily Yoga Download devotes an entire section of programs on workshops and techniques, like the Arm Balancing Workshop.

Yoga Download - arm balancing workshop banner
Arm Balancing Workshop

And overall wellness is not overlooked with programs such as Yoga & Ayureda 101.

Yoga and Ayurveda -  Yoga Download banner
Yoga and Ayurveda 101

One other tid-bit that stood out to me about Yoga Download was the high quality of teachers they recruit to offer classes.

Who teaches at Yoga Download?…

The combined experience of the Yoga Download team is astounding.

One of the reasons that they can offer so many styles of yoga is that they have compiled a list of teachers with such varied areas of expertise, you know you are in the hands of an expert.

Here are only a handful of the exceptional instructors at Yoga Download.

I have included quotes from their bios highlighting some of their specialties and passions.

Jackie Casal Mahrou

Yoga Download instructor Jackie Casal Mahrou
Jackie Casal Mahrou

Since Jackie began teaching yoga 14 years ago she has completed numerous trainings including power, yin, and hatha yoga. She continues to study and learn so she can keep growing as a teacher and help her students better understand the vastness of yoga.

Some of the classes Jackie Casal Mahrou instructs are Power Yoga, Gentle Hatha Yoga, and Empowerment Flow.

Keith Allen

Yoga Download instructor Keith Allen
Keith Allen

His classes balance a meditative focus with safe alignment. Breath, presence, and leaving space to let the practice feel good in our bodies, is a priority for Keith. He has studied extensively from different teachers, lineages, and styles around the world.

A few classes offered by Keith Allen include Yoga Fix: Healthy Backbends, Hip Opening Heaven, and The Art of Balance.

Alanna Kaivalya

Yoga Download instructor Alanna Kaivalya
Alana Kaivalya

Listed as Yoga Journal’s top 21 Yoga Teachers Under 40 (March, 2008), and now with more than a decade of teaching experience, she has developed a teaching style that is a unique combination of her spirit, her knowledge, and of course the teachers who have influenced her along the path.

Alanna Kaivalya offers classes that range from Yoga Nidra: Recovering the Spirit to the Chakra Vinyasa Workshop.

Guru Jagat

Yoga Download instructor Guru Jagat
Guru Jagat

Deemed the modern face of Kundalini Yoga, Guru Jagat brings a fresh perspective to this ancient practice. A senior teacher with over a dozen years of experience, Guru Jagat studied under Yogi Bhajan, the Kundalini Master responsible for bringing the practice to the US.

Guru Jagat offers profound classes such as Cardio Kundalini 3: Mind Clarity, Kundalini Yoga for Everybody: Emotional Balance, and Kundalini Yoga for Everybody: Kriya for Elevation.

Dave Farmar

Yoga Download instructor Dave Farmar
Dave Farmar

Dave has been a member of the faculty at the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute…has been featured in 5280, Elephant Journal, and Bicycling magazines and on, and presented at Yoga Journal Conferences. In 2010, he was appointed to serve on the Colorado Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness.

Dave Farmar offers prenatal classes such as Baptiste Power Yoga for Pregnancy – 1st Trimester as well as many other Power Yoga practices.

My verdict…

The first class I chose to try was Arm Balancing Workshop 1 – Two Crows & a Crane by Kyle Weiger.

Yoga Download instructor Kyle Wegner
Kyle Wegner

I thought that arm-balance poses were inaccessible to me so when I saw this workshop I thought, what is there to lose?? (Besides my teeth)

To have a large enough screen to be able to see the action, I used my laptop.

Here is my set-up:

A computer sitting on a dresser with a yoga lesson playing on it

I tried to keep my expectations low, but honestly, they were beyond surpassed.

There were only two things about the experience that I felt could have been improved.

The first was the fact that since I ordered a single class and not a subscription I had to download the video to watch it, a pain for sure.

It also could have been that I could have streamed it, but I didn’t understand the process, in which case better communication of this would have been helpful.

However, with a subscription, which I recommend for the savings compared to purchasing individual classes, everything is streamable.

The only other thing was I felt that the intro video to the class felt slightly dated.

Two things with this, though: that is a Yoga Download thing and has nothing to do with the instructors, and also it would be very difficult and probably not very cost-effective for them to go back and re-edit those videos with a new intro.

In the scheme of things, it was absolutely no big deal because the class itself looked and felt very current, so it didn’t affect my experience whatsoever.

Arm balancing workshop banner

Once I got into the meat of the content itself, Mr. Weiger took me through a series of incredibly targeted stretches to prepare for the balance pose, none of which I have ever seen anywhere before.

Rather than slapping together some generic warm-up at the beginning, this methodical preparation really did make this feel like an intensive.

He took me through a step-by-step process for arm balance success and GUESS WHAT??

I did a crow pose for probably about 8 full seconds and didn’t die or smash my face, I actually DID IT!

He talks about that feeling the first time your toes come off the ground in crow and describes it as a “holy crap moment.”

Indeed it is.

Triumphant crow, livin’ its best life

Beyond that, I was even able to come into a side crow on both sides under his guidance!

It may not be pretty yet, but I am feeling pretty darn good about it!

Obviously, I am floored by my experience, not only because I was able to achieve something I didn’t think was possible for me, but also because of the feeling I got that I was receiving incredibly high-quality instruction from a very experienced teacher.

The best part is that the class I took is just the first in a workshop program that teaches more arm balance poses, so I could keep going with my newly found balancing confidence!

My take?

Yoga Download is absolutely worth it.

What are the payment options?…

On the membership page, there are 3 subscription options.

The Standard Monthly Plan offers unlimited streaming of Yoga Download classes, 2 downloads to devices per month, 50% off packages and programs, and a few other perks, for $12 billed monthly.

The Unlimited Year Plan serves up unlimited access to everything, including packages and programs at no additional cost, and is cheaper per month at $10, but is paid in one lump sum on an annual basis.

The Unlimited Monthly Plan is a marriage of both with unlimited access to everything including programs but is billed $18 monthly.

In conclusion…

If you came here for the real-deal on Yoga Download, I hope you feel that you got what you came for.

This is the honest account of my experience, good and bad.

I found this to be a valuable at-home yoga experience and I feel that there is more than enough content to make me feel that I would get my money’s worth from a subscription.

Thank you for reading and take care!


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