You Are Amazing: Why & How to BELIEVE It

Did you know that the elements your body is made from were expelled into space during supernovae; stars that get so dense that they can no longer hold themselves together and explode in the most massive blast known in the Universe?

You ARE made of stardust, sister.

You are amazing.

Did you know that your own cells actually produce electricity?

Your body is designed to make and move electricity throughout your entire system.

Energy is constantly flowing through you, every moment.

You are amazing.

Yep, we’re amazing…

Each of us is housed in incredibly complex and intricate systems that are capable of automatically adjusting to a myriad of changes.

Light got brighter? Your eyes dilate.

Hands got wet? Your fingers got pruney so you can still grip onto things and slip less.

Our bodies are an engineering feat.

More than that, we live with and among others and are able to feel selfless love for them to the point where we will give our own lives for theirs.

We will love others even when it would be easier for us not to.

And even more than that, we are all part and ONE with a universe that is so immense and so powerful that we simply can’t fathom it.

You are amazing.

I am amazing.

Every dang last one of us is amazing!

Picture of a woman dancing at night. You are amazing because you are made of stardust.

But what happens if you know that, but you don’t FEEL that?

If you are here, there is a chance that is the case.

I can tell you that you are a rockstar until I am blue in the face, which I am happy to do, but it won’t truly be meaningful until you do the work to believe it.

Luckily, it doesn’t matter if you are recently down on yourself, or if you have never fully felt love for who you are.

It can be learned.

The funny thing is, when you start to see yourself as more valuable, others do, too, which is what I just wrote about in this extensive post about how to become magnetic.

First of all, if this is something that you feel you need to speak with a professional about, by all means do it.

If you have never worked 1 on 1 with someone in that way, you will be amazed at how much healing it can bring.

Not something you want to pursue right now?

You can still make life changing, BIG strides with the tools I have found for you.

Let’s go!

Woman writing in journal for some self-reflection. - you are amazing

Journal for more self-love…

Beginning to see and FEEL yourself as amazing can begin with exploring your own mind and asking yourself some questions.

Pull out a journal or a notebook, find a place to sit where you can GET SOME PEACE and write on the following questions:

  1. What do you think your best quality is? (I’m not talking physical here)
  2. Why is that your best quality? What are some ways you have demonstrated that?
  3. What do you think your second best quality is? (again, not physical)
  4. Why do you think that is a quality you possess? What are some ways you have demonstrated that?
  5. If you were your best friend, how would you describe you to someone else?
  6. Think of a time you worked REALLY hard at something and then felt success. How did that feel? Set the scene and write down where you were, who you were with, sights, smells, sounds.
  7. Think of the most generous thing you have ever done. How did that feel? How do you think the other person(s) felt at that moment? Set the scene and write down where you were, who you were with, sights, smells, sounds.
  8. Think of a time when you did something kind when it maybe would have been easier not to. How did you feel afterward?
  9. Think of a time when you forgave someone that hurt you badly when they maybe didn’t even deserve it. How did you feel afterward?
  10. Set a timer for 30 seconds (no more), and write down all of the reasons why you think you aren’t that amazing. You may write 0 things (that would be awesome!), or you may write several.
  11. Next to each one, I want you to follow it up with a “but” statement that explains why that reason you wrote doesn’t mean you aren’t incredibly regardless.

    For example: “I am terrible with money” “…but, I am a kind and generous person and that is more important than finances.” Or, “I gossip about people at work” “…but, I am usually a kind person and I know this is wrong and I vow to do better. I forgive others and I deserve forgiveness.”

    What would you say to your best girlfriend if you were writing about her and not you?

    BE your best girlfriend.

Read over all of the good things about yourself.

You ARE hard-working, you ARE generous, you ARE kind, and you ARE forgiving.

Take that with you the rest of the day and read over it when you need to be reminded!

Make this a practice by using a journal intended to cultivate self-love like this well-designed one, or this beautiful floral one, both from Amazon.

Two women enjoying themselves running through flowering trees that are dropping their flowers. - you are amazing

Use mantras to feel amazing…

In this post on happiness, I referenced a study that suggested that if we tell ourselves something over and over, our minds may begin to believe it.

With that taken into consideration, what we really need to help you realize that you are amazing are some mantras up in here!

If you have never used mantras, they are simply phrases that we tell ourselves either out loud, or silently in our mind.

For these purposes, they would be phrases that we already believe about ourselves, or things that we WANT to believe about ourselves.

You simply choose a phrase that you will go back to in your mind for the hour/day/week.

It doesn’t have to be complex.

In fact, it is probably best if it is an easy phrase that you can repeat over and over easily.


  • I am smart.
  • I am beautiful.
  • I am hard-working.
  • I am kind.
  • I am a peacemaker.

You get the idea.

To make it easy, I just put together a post full of pinnable quotes all about how amazing you are!

you are amazing infographic

Use these, think of your own, or find a list online such as this one from Gaia that lists 10 great mantras different than the ones I gave.

Don’t just use the first one you come across, wait until you find one that speaks to you.

Once one jumps out, you can use it in a few ways.

The first, easiest level of mantra use is to simply say it to yourself in the mirror when you are getting ready, or repeat it to yourself a few times in the car on your way to work.

Write it on a sticky note and put it somewhere discreet where you can see it several times throughout the day.

Woman fixing her hairstyle while smiling - you are amazing

Or, hey, just stick that sucker right on your door and let the world see that you think you are powerful!

Whatever floats your boat.

You could also find a quiet place where you can sit alone and use your mantra in a meditation.

In your mind, say “I am….” on your inhale and the second part of your mantra (powerful, strong, etc.) on your exhale. has more detailed instructions for this type of meditation practice here.

With time, you WILL believe the things you are saying about yourself.

Tanaaz Chubb has produced a beautiful little pocket-sized book of mantras that you can carry in your purse and pull out when you need to feel better about life. Get a sneak peek inside the journal on Amazon here.

There are chapters on stress and abundance, and an entire chapter dedicated to self-love (because IT’S IMPORTANT).

Start your day with a healthy dose of mantras and keep the self-love flowing until bedtime.

Woman holding her hand up to block the sun on her face.

Meditate and love yourself more…

If you have read my blog for 5 seconds or more, you know I’m probably going to double-down on the mediation, and here we are.

We already covered mantra meditation, but there are other options.

Guided meditation is perfect for beginners and also for those you find it REALLY difficult to shush their minds (me!) during other forms of meditation.

Why it is perfect for beginners is that all you have to do is listen to directions and do your best to do what is asked of you.

Just like with other forms of meditation, your mind MAY wander, and if it does just bring it back to the voice on the recording and keep going.

Because we want YOU to know that YOU are amazing, I can think of nothing more powerful than a guided meditation personalized just for you.

And that is what I have for you right here for FREE!

Click the button below and get instant access to our personalized, self-love meditation mad lib for FREE! (I love free)

It works just like the mad libs we did when we were kids: answer questions, fill in the blanks, and you have a meditation that speaks TO YOU because it was written FOR YOU.

That’s powerful.

Get it here. ↓

Since we’re talking about self-love FOR FREE, YouTube has a treasure trove of guided meditations, including many written specifically for loving yo’self!

I am including some of various lengths below so that you can find one to fit into your day whether you are in a rush or have time to be indulgent! (Indulge, people. INDULGE!)







Unstick your chakra, chica…

When looking at patterns of thought and behavior, for instance, not seeing yourself having as much value as you see in others, and consequently not living your life thinking you are amazing, we can’t ignore investigating blocks in our energy centers.

I’m talking chakras, people.

It doesn’t matter if you have never heard of chakras, if this is old news, or if you don’t believe they exist.

There is nothing to lose here except for old and tired ways of thought that are holding you back from living your best life.

Woman smiling into the camera. you are amazing

The chakra that is associated with self-image is the solar plexus chakra located smack dab in the midpoint of your spine.

Your solar plexus chakra may be partially blocked, or completely closed off, from allowing energy to freely pass by it, halting your flow and making you believe that you aren’t as worthy of others for love/success/happiness.

Luckily, there are ways to work on this chakra, opening it up so that your life force energy can zip past your solar plexus as carefree and a teenager on a Saturday night.

Let’s get to it.

Woman dancing in front of a yellow backdrop. - you are amazing

Yellow is where it’s at…

The easiest way to support your solar plexus is to invite more yellow into your life.

Yellow is the color of this third chakra because of the specific frequency which it vibrates.

Yellow food, yellow artwork, yellow clothing or accessories, yellow flowers, surrounding yourself with all things yellow will help promote your transformation.

Yes, this also includes crystals.

Whether you believe that crystal have properties or powers doesn’t really matter.

I know I find them gorgeous and uplifting to look at and comforting and energizing to hold.

More than anything, crystals remind me of the power and majesty of mother nature, and holding one makes me feel as though I am part of that bigger picture.

The property of crystals to be able to vibrate specific frequencies in such a stable way has made them invaluable in computer technology, and also to humans looking for a deeper connection to something for millennia.

I have done some poking around on the internet to find a decent place to start or add to your crystal collection.

I am kind of picky about quality and with the current world conditions, I am finding that many places are currently out of stock.

However, I feel like I have stumbled across a quality source on Amazon that can offer you raw pineapple yellow calcite (raw is my favorite, but YOU do YOU!), or polished tiger’s eye.

Soo…what do you DO with the crystals, exactly??

A table with many kinds of crystals on it.

There are SO many options and you can incorporate the ones that speak to you the most:

  • Display them in your home or on your desk where you will see them often.
  • Sleep with them under your pillow. I put one in the bottom side of my pillowcase.
  • Carry them in your pocket or in your purse.
  • Put your crystals ON your solar plexus area while you lie down and meditate. I think of the solar plexus as being halfway between your belly button and where your bosom starts. (I’ve never used the word “bosom” before, but I’m trying to keep it high-class 🙂
  • Some folks like to put their crystals in a pitcher of water that they will sip on.
    I haven’t tried this one, BUT, if you feel inclined to make sure you have rinsed them well and researched to make sure yours are non-toxic!
  • Level-up your crystal power and make them into a crystal grid! Instructions on explain how utilizing “sacred geometry” in conjunction with your stones can magnify their powers.

    Interesting. I don’t think my 16-year-old daughter referred to geometry as “sacred” when she studied it last year.
  • Bathe right along with your crystals in the tub. Soak it up!
  • Create a sacred space in your home where you can incorporate your stones.

    Wanderlust has a great little article on this very topic. Find a corner, room, shelf, anywhere in your home that won’t get disturbed. Place things on your altar that have meaning to you, which could include your solar plexus crystals and yellow items. Use this space in a morning ritual or for meditation.
  • If you prefer to keep your crystals close at all times, wear them as jewelry.

    Here is a gorgeous beaded yellow pineapple jasper bracelet you can get on Amazon from Alex and Ani’s incredible new chakra collection.

    I know what I’m asking for come my birthday. 😉
A woman lying in a yellow ball pit and smiling. - you are amazing

Smell the love (yes, I think that sounds weird, too, sorry)…

Specific blends of essential oils can also help promote an unblocked solar plexus chakra.

This blend from Shamans Market claims to support boundaries, courage, strength, and self-esteem.


You can find the solar plexus blend here, or explore the drool-worthy, full chakra set here.

Use the solar plexus mantra…

Another way to spark transformation in your solar plexus is through chanting RAM, the mantra associated with the 3rd chakra.

You don’t pronounce it like the animal, it almost sound like “rom.”

Chant it three times at the end of a meditation, or even sing it a few times instead.

If you don’t feel comfortable saying it out loud yourself, the next best thing is listening to others chant it.

Below is a good one I found on YouTube that you could meditate to and boost your self-love!

Asanas to the rescue…

The last way I will share to unblock your self-love chakra and help you TRULY believe you are amazing is an asana practice designed to open your solar plexus and let the good stuff flow!

YogaDownload instructor Cicily Carter has created a flow SPECIFICALLY for the solar plexus that you can do right here, right now, and in the comfort of your own home.

Incorporate this practice into your day to feel rejuvenated on the outside and self-confident on the inside.

In Conclusion…

You have journaled to help you discover, or re-discover, why you ARE amazing, incorporated mantras and meditations, and worked to unblock your solar plexus so that sweet, sweet self-love could flow more easily.

Incorporate some or all of these practices into your routine and feel healthier, more alive, and most importantly at this moment, more love for yourself.

You truly are a gift to this world and it is time you realized and owned that.

I am so glad you read this.

Sending lots of love your way, and take care!

If you haven’t already, get your free self-love mad lib meditation here. ↓


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